4 Commercial Property Marketing and Advertising Tips in Saint Augustine, Florida

4 Commercial Property Marketing and Advertising Tips in Saint Augustine, Florida

Location in everything.

The right commercial real estate can make or break a small business. Even moving a few blocks away can result in lower sales.

This point is crucial to make when promoting retail spaces to potential commercial tenants. Likewise, office building architecture can help increase productivity in the workplace.

Discussing metrics like ROI, employee engagement, and retention with leads is an example of commercial real estate marketing.

Discover four more ways to approach property marketing and advertising.

1. Work With a Commercial Real Estate Management Company

Working with a property management company increases your chances of selling commercial real estate at a higher listing price. A property manager can also find long-term tenants to increase retention rates.

For example, PMI Ancient City follows a series of marketing ideas that include:

  • market research
  • price listing
  • property maintenance
  • digital and print marketing
  • advertisements
  • property showings
  • sales negotiation

Managers understand that good marketing ensures maximum profitability.

Let's dig into a few of these strategies:

2. Maintenance Is a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

A key role property managers do best is maintenance.

They ensure commercial spaces are clean and freshly painted. They'll upgrade the flooring, HVAC system, appliances, and other necessities. A little remodeling may also be necessary to attract the best tenants.

While listed, a dedicated property manager will regularly check on the property. They'll also service the property after it's rented to ensure it's looking its best.

Excellent maintenance is crucial for showing a commercial property in its best light. It needs to look exactly like the listing photos to ensure trust.

3. Commercial Property Showings

Property maintenance is an important aspect of commercial real estate showings.

Property showings give marketers a chance to optimize real estate branding. They advertise these showings through social media, digital marketing, print, and email to advertise to leads. They also use market rates and expertise to price real estate effectively.

Showings give property managers an opportunity to negotiate sales. They clearly outline leasing eligibility requirements to filter applicants, leaving only the best tenant leads.

4. Eye-Catching Digital Marketing

Property managers know that commercial tenant leads start their search online. Thus, they have an inbound marketing strategy ready to go.

First, they write compelling real estate listing that emphasizes benefits and amenities. These listings also include professional real estate photos that managers cross-promote on social media. Instagram and Facebook are ideal for real estate marketing.

They also go the extra mile by creating 3D commercial real estate tours that create an immersive experience for leads.

For example, a 3D office tour could show how its natural light flow would improve productivity. Leads can see how a brick-and-mortar space could influence buying behavior.

Attract More Tenants With Property Marketing and Advertising

Don't miss out on an opportunity to attract long-term commercial tenants. Manage your tenant retention rates and generate consistent income with the help of a property management company. Don't forget about social media, showings, listing strategies, and more.

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